A Closer Look at the Most Popular Kitchen Wall Cabinet Styles   


August 7, 2023

When we need to choose the appropriate kitchen wall cabinet for our homes, we know our choice is as important as our kitchen designs. We add aesthetic value to it, make it functional, we keep it clean and sanitised (utensils).  

These wall cabinets are sometimes called” upper cabinets” or “uppers” and possess the most flexibility in design – multiple widths, various heights, glass door options, and custom depth options.

Today’s market is overflowing with many different wall cabinet designs, so finding the right cabinet that suits our tastes and lifestyles is difficult.

So what will be the deciding factor in the feel of our kitchen?  When it comes to decor, every wall cabinet has different door shutters, laminate finish, and colours that will make you overwhelmed with choices.

The design of a wall cabinet in the kitchen has an important role in deciding your kitchen’s overall feel and look. When choosing the cabinet you will install, consider the kitchen glass shutter design, external finishes, functionality, and colour choices.

Here are some designs for the kitchen wall cabinet that you can choose from:

1. Two-toned kitchen cabinets are a hot trend right now, as most homeowners tend to add a touch of personality to their kitchens. For example, the combination of black and white is classic and looks stunning. Other popular colour combinations include; blue and white, green and white, and grey and white, among others.

2. Kitchen wall cabinets with glass doors provide a modern look while bringing an element of brightness to the kitchen space. The transparent glass panels allow a full view of the cabinet’s interior. This means that you do not have to open the glass door entirely. You may also use frosted glass for easier maintenance or if you want a little sense of privacy in the cabinet contents. In some places, this type of cabinet with glass doors is called a curio cabinet. Its purpose is to hold and display your curiosities, such as your china collection, or your porcelain figures.

3. Frameless glass cabinets comprise a sheet of glass that can serve as the door shutter. Use a combination of stainless steel hinges and a generous amount of frameless glass to give your kitchen a sophisticated look. This cabinet design uses a magnetic push latch to open and close.

4. Kitchen overhead cabinets are the staples of kitchen aesthetics. They are an essential feature or element of every kitchen landscape. This cabinet design is a great way to add much storage to a confined kitchen. These overhead cabinets can hold plates, coffee mugs, glassware, and even dry goods such as coffee, tea, spices, honey, sugar, butter, bread, and more. You can also use a part of it as a makeshift medicine cabinet.

5. Glass wall cabinets kitchen reflect natural light in and around the kitchen. If your kitchen is slightly darker or has shadows, this wall cabinet can make it airier, lighter, and brighter.

6. You will love a sliding door kitchen wall cabinet design. It has a beautiful formal touch for an open floor layout.  It ensures that your essentials remain privy while allowing your home to shine perfectly.

The driving force of interior design is creativity. Before you implement a kitchen idea, the next best thing to do is find something that gets you going and then work on it. You might get your inspiration from something you subconsciously picked up or saw in a movie while having your morning walks or doing anything you love.

VMS Plus is the country’s top choice in kitchen cabinetry, and we would like to help you with your cabinet needs. Installing your preferred cabinet design will sort out all your storage problems. However, you might still need a professional eye on this. Why not reach out to us at VMS Plus? Our team of experts will happily guide you in making your best wall cabinet purchase.