Slim Partitions

Slim profile partition is a perfect space enhancement for the modern lifestyle. Upgrade convenient living with our collection of slim glass partition and slim profile glass partition which we tailor-made to your needs. Let us design your space with the best we have.

Slim Partition System

Our Slim partition system is the most suitable for partitioning rooms, kitchens, or master rooms. Feel the extreme elegance balance between simplicity and lightness.

Four walls together make a space a room to live or work, but that’s not enough. Interior designing and products that give your space meaning are where you do justice to your space. Make your space look more spacious or modern with our slim partition collection. We have the best slim partition in Ahmedabad, glass partition walls, office glass partitions, etc., to make your home and office look more appealing and outstanding. 


Sliding Door


Sliding Door


Sliding Door


Slim Door




We have different products in the slim partition range, such as single sliding doors, telescopic sliding doors, slim profile glass partitions, slim aluminium profile for partitions, etc. Our superiorly designed interior partition is good enough to make spaces more brilliant. 

The creation of design shows our perspective towards embracing modern interior art. We transform each place with stunning concepts of design. Space needs a slim partition to create an aesthetically pleasing look. Partition systems have this excellent characteristic where you give your space something extraordinary with an artistic touch. Divide your space beautifully with the partitions we offer. 


Divide your space with a single sliding door or telescopic sliding door to display the beauty of the doors. Doors enhance the overall look of a home, and we design doors that catch your attention in the wink of an eye. A slim partition system crafted with a contemporary touch makes every space captivating with VMS Plus products.

We are dedicated to creating and providing the best with each passing day. We believe in transforming places with VMS Plus touch.

Glass Selection

Our collection of slim partitions, kitchen shutters, aluminum profiles, wardrobe profiles, and much more provides your space with a luxurious touch. We are your one-stop destination for all modern interior needs.

We have an exquisite collection of Slim Partitions made from aluminum frames, combined with different types of glasses in between, to provide safety and luxury. The partition makes the space look roomy and comfortable. However, we use different types of glasses to protect your home, office, or any space with better safety and security.

Some glasses have different purposes to keep your space safe and secure; they are advanced in every way.

There are four different types of glass, including –

– Fabric Glass
– Mesh Glass
– Laminated Glass

Fabric Glass

A special type of glass with fabric sandwiched between glass provides an extra layer and gives a sophisticated look to your space. Be it your home, office, or any other space, Fabric Glass allows spaces to be more comfortable, private, spacious, and aesthetic. 

Fabric Glass Partition is one of the finest choices you’ll make for your space. We have a collection specially designed with different concepts to match your lifestyle and choices. Fabric sandwich glass is one of the solid glasses used for safety and security purposes. These features make this glass perfect to install at your home or office for its safety and appearance.

Mesh Glass

Mesh Glass Shutter enhances the overall look of the space. This glass is also known as wired glass, wired safety glass, and wire mesh glass. It’s a glass that provides safety and security and has an aesthetic appeal that decorates your home and office and adds a unique visual touch. Mesh Glass Shutter provides additional strength and resilience, making it ideal for partitioning systems. Explore the unique designs that match your space’s interior, and let us make your home or office more captivating.

Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass has robust and transparent characteristics that provide security to your space. It is one of the best alternatives to regular glasses, offering a strong structure, reducing noise pollution, and giving more design choices.

Laminated safety glass is available in many tint colors and is versatile in appearance. Laminated glass has this special feature where if it gets broken, it doesn’t scatter. It reduces the chances of someone being harmed by this glass.