Shower Cubicle

VMS Plus is one of the premium Aluminum Profile Suppliers in Ahmedabad, India. Best in industry aluminum features, it is highly recommended to use in offices and warehouses.

Shower Cubicle

Live the little extravaganza life with VMS Plus timeless luxury bathroom cubicles. Inspired by modern trends, our shower cubicles provide matchless performance. They are sleek, slim, elegant, rugged, and leak-proof. We provide tailor-made designs and offer expert installation. Shower cubicles are places where you can relax and find comfort in your skin. Regarding comfort, the bathroom space must be very calm and cosy in ambience. We offer shower cubicles with different choices, like shower glass cubicles, frameless shower enclosures, etc. Also, we have partitions in bathrooms, such as bathroom glass partitions, shower glass partitions, and tailor-made solutions. 
Shower Cubicle
Tailor-made designs
Customization for any size and shape bathroom
Water and Vibration Proof
Accurate fitting of thru-thick glass and hardware
Strong and Durable Glass
Wide range of Glasses and Hardware options
Trained, Certified well, behave installers at your door
Mandatory easy to clean coating on the glass
Toughened glass processed with 4times heat soak
Extremely safe
Installation at your door-step
Easy to clean and maintain
Shower Cubicle

Why choose our shower cubicles? We take care of the preferences of our customers and provide according to the latest interior trends. Let the most comfortable space be stylish and rich with the best and beautiful. Elevate your space with our designs and convert your old bathroom space with the innovative approach or let your new home be adorned with recent interior trends.

Explore elegantly and finely designed shower cubicles to experience the new vibe. With different options, you can select them as per your home interior. We have several options to offer you the luxury touch to the bathroom to have a comfy space in your room. 


You can enhance your experience by choosing different products from our shower cubicles with different shapes, sizes, and hues. We believe that providing the best can make everyone's space more comfortable, beautiful, and stylish. We are on a mission to satisfy every need of homes to embellish them with a modern and classic approach.