All You Need To Know About Wired Safety Glass


February 15, 2024

If you’re in the construction industry, you likely know about wired safety glass. However, if you are a plain homeowner who has just heard about the term, as suggested during the planning stage, maybe you’re wondering what this means. Perhaps you want to renovate your house, and your architect or designer has indicated that it should be incorporated into your design.

But what is wired glass?

Wired glass is also called mesh, safety, and Georgian wired glass. This is a specialized type of glass with wire mesh or wire netting within its structure to enhance its durability and safety. The wire netting is embedded in the glass during its process of manufacture and reduces the possibility of it shattering when some higher impact, shock or fire cracks it. The wire netting is the reinforcement to the glass.

Mesh glass is available in 3 different types, as follows:

* Wired glass, the most commonly used type, consists of wire mesh. This wire mesh prevents the glass from completely shattering due to high temperature. This makes it an excellent option for fire-rated applications.

* Laminated mesh glass offers the feature of wire mesh sandwiched between 2 or more sheets of glass.

* Decorative mesh glass has wire mesh incorporated in various patterns and designs to enhance aesthetics. This type is found in interior design applications like screens, partitions, and other decorative elements. The safety and security, then, are coupled by visual appeal.

Where is wired glass used

Wired safety glass, or Georgian wired glass, is applied in various industries, including house and building construction, architecture, security, interior design, and office partitions.

You can use them broadly in places where nominal fire resistance is required, like the doors to the fire exit. You can find them mostly in windows of schools, public buildings, hotels, dividers of office spaces and other institutions.

This type of glass is helpful during a fire because it gives people more time to leave the building during an emergency.

Stairwells and hallways of buildings use Georgian-wired glass for safety and aesthetic purposes, roofs and skylights, and fire-resisting doors.

What are the benefits of wired glass when installed in your home, office, or commercial building?

There are several advantages of wired glass offered to those who use them. For example, the net wiring within the glass can hold fire for some time in entering the building, preventing the risks of damage to building occupants, as they will have more time to leave the building.

Glass can break violently with extreme impact; however, the pieces of shattered glass will be held by the wire mesh and will not scatter around, causing injury to those in the area.

Wired glass is higher in thermal and electrical resistance than float glass.

Wired glass is more affordable than other types of safety glass.

It can also be a design element in your interior design (patterned and tinted glass, for example).

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