Bathtub To Shower Conversion – Stylist Upgradation in 2024


January 3, 2024

Thinking about what to do for your bathroom improvement project?

Why not does a bathtub to shower conversion?

A tub-to-shower conversion raises your bathroom to a higher standard, improving its aesthetics and functionality. Your bathroom can transform into a modern and tub-free design and create the illusion of a larger space.  

It has become popular among homeowners, not only because it is practical but also because it is tempting to think about upgrading to a luxurious walk in shower.

Besides the reasons mentioned above, there are several other good reasons why you should replace your gloomy, dull, and old bathtub with a shower, not the least of which is a good ROI or Return on Investment and in consideration of your lifestyle. Here are the others.

* You want to give your bathroom a whole new look. 

Existing bathtubs are solid, big, heavy, and take up considerable space. Have you heard about unattractive focal points? That’s the traditional bathtub.

* Tub-to-shower conversion in open shower design, is modern, updated, and sleek. It can enhance the functionality and beauty of your bathroom without the need to renovate it entirely.

* Free up some space. If you are like most homeowners who prefer to take a quick shower rather than a long soak, you are just allowing your bathtub to take up floor space that cannot be used. A tub-to-shower conversion opens up bathrooms, making cleaning them a breeze.

Additionally, the 

length of your bathtub maybe 6-7 inches. Swapping your bath for a shower means you get more room to move around in your bathroom; 

and that extra space you can use to make it more functional.

* It is a useful and practical upgrade for your family.

* A walk-in shower is easier to access than a tub. This is critically important for households with aging members who might find it difficult to step over the side of the tub.

* Make your bathroom safe for young children and those who require aging-in-place fixtures. Stepping over the tall wall of tubs is a challenge for them as the risk of tripping and falling increases.

In summary, here are the benefits of tub-to-shower conversion.

* It increases your home value.

* It saves you money on water bills.

* A shower takes up less room than a tub.

* Your family’s safety is enhanced.

* You get the perception of more space.

* Easier to access.

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