Choose The Right Kitchen Cabinet Shutters


December 14, 2022

How would you like to work in a modular kitchen? They give your space a nice appearance besides being functional. Everything is organised because each item has its place.

The modular kitchen is composed of individual cabinets. These cabinets are produced in the factory and installed at the site. If needed, they can quickly be taken apart and reassembled at another site. Just as you want to choose the cabinet for your kitchen, you would also like to select the kitchen shutter, as these will define the looks of your kitchen.

You can see below some of the most popular cabinet shutters that are available in the market:

1. Solid Wood Shutters

Solid wood shutters have unmatched beauty and charm, although, at present, they cannot be considered a sustainable option. This kitchen shutter price is high because wood is difficult to source due to the diminishing reserves of natural forests. The entire shutter is made of wood, and the exposed surface has a protective layer of waterproof resin, further improving the wood’s richness.

2. Membrane Shutters

PVC membranes are moulded on plywood or Medium Density Fiberboards (MDF). These kitchen profile membrane shutters have a smooth and seamless finish. It also has water resistance properties, and the PVC membrane seals the edges, so edge-banding to reinforce the thin foils is unnecessary. They have a modern look, are durable, and are very stylish, although they are more pricey than laminated shutters.

3. Veneer Shutters

Veneers are natural wood sliced very thinly and pressed onto the MDF or plywood. They look like real wood; besides, they can also be finished and polished to make them appear to have the qualities and features of solid wood. Another good news is that this kitchen shutter price is very cost-friendly. You can choose from the natural wood veneers of walnut, oak, and teak in various shades and patterns.

4. High Gloss PU Painted Shutters

These shutters are painted with auto-coat paints, with a clear PU (polyurethane) coating on ply boards or MDF. These waterproof shutters are readily available in glossy and vibrant colours and shades. They are also durable so that they can last for long periods. These shutters need regular maintenance, as fingerprints can show up easily.

5. Painted Glass Shutters

Kitchen glass shutters offer a unique and stylish appearance to your kitchen. You can have the glass painted or printed with any design you prefer. For lower cabinets, use toughened glass for durability.

6. Aluminum Shutter

Aluminum shutter for kitchen is made of stable metal. When used as kitchen shutters, particularly roller shutters, these can be the best for durability and quality. They are lightweight and do not rust, so they are the most commonly used shutters for the kitchen.

7. Laminated Shutters

Laminated shutters are the most popular type of kitchen shutters. Laminates come in various colours and natural finishes that resemble stone, wood, brick, or metal. Being moisture-resistant makes laminates the perfect choice for the kitchen cabinet shutter door; they can also withstand high temperatures. They are easy to maintain, too.

If you need more information and help to choose the right kitchen cabinet shutter door, please connect with VMS Plus and get the advice and support you need.