Choose The Right Modern Open Kitchen Layout For Indian Home  


May 16, 2023

Designing a kitchen is not an easy task, especially if you’re doing it for an Indian home. It could be the most difficult thing you could ever do, and it requires care and skill. For a kitchen design to be successful, it should enhance its functionality while not forgetting about aesthetics.

The kitchen layout is the most crucial part of the modular kitchen design process. It is because the layout determines the arrangement of the kitchen elements – appliances, fridge, hob, etc. Modular kitchens can be assembled using separate units, then fitted to form the skeleton of your new kitchen.

The open kitchen layout is becoming more popular in Indian homes. It means no barriers or walls divide the food preparation and cooking spaces from the dining and living spaces. This layout makes these collective spaces more ample space.  

The modern kitchen layout is the shape that results from the positioning of the major appliances, countertops, and storage areas. This layout and the floor plan create the primary work triangle – the pathway you make when moving from the sink to the refrigerator to the range when preparing food for the family or visitors.

Factors To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Kitchen Layout for Indian Home    

To ensure that you are selecting the right layout for your kitchen, here are the top tips that you should remember:

1. First, learn the different layouts for open kitchen design –

L-shaped kitchen layout – suits different sizes of kitchens

One-Wall – a straight line layout, great for tiny kitchens

U-shaped, for kitchens with ample space

              Parallel kitchen design for narrow spaces

              Island layout and Peninsula for big kitchen spaces.

2. Follow the Golden Triangle Rule  

As mentioned above, this golden or work triangle is the space between the sink, fridge and hob, which should be ideally distanced.

3. The storage modules

There should be adequate storage to help you keep everything in the kitchen organised.

4. The Countertop

              One of the most important elements in the kitchen is the countertop area. In most Indian kitchens, the countertop is used to prepare meals and place all the finished dishes. It can also hold small appliances and crockery plates. Your countertop should be big enough and long enough so you can run the daily errands without any problems.

5. Ventilation in the open kitchen design.

              Ventilation should be considered when planning a modular kitchen. Make sure that the kitchen is a well-ventilated area. Windows should be present, and sufficient airflow in the space.

6. Choose Kitchen Colours Intelligently

              Never forget that you will maintain the kitchen for a longer period of time. If you can, please avoid an all-white kitchen. Indian cooking leaves a lot of tough stains. An all-white kitchen is high maintenance and needs consistent cleaning.

7. Safety first

              Safety should be included in planning your kitchen. 

From curved countertops to safe gas piping. Even your kitchen flooring should not cause slips.

If you need help with modern kitchen layout ideas, don’t hesitate to contact VMS Plus. Our designers will be delighted to share their expertise with you.