Custom Wardrobe With Sliding Glass Door Design Ideas 


June 30, 2023

A wardrobe is an essential part of a modern bedroom, providing beauty, storage, and functionality; your bedroom is your own private space where you spend most of your time.

Beautifully designed wardrobe sliding glass door allows you to keep an orderly, appealing, and practical space.  

If you’re looking for ideas for your wardrobe design, consider glass wardrobe designs for bedroom that have become popular with homeowners in recent years.

We have some wardrobe designs that will make your interiors more lively, exciting, and appealing.

1. Glass and light wardrobe design. Glass goes well with brightness. They’re perfect for making your bedroom look more spacious and gorgeous. You can build this wardrobe on one of your bedroom walls, incorporating transparent glass shutters, strip lights, and wall lights inside the wardrobe. This design can provide an upscale look and a pleasant atmosphere.

2. Sliding glass closet door design with a mirrored finish. 

Although ideal for small bedrooms, this wardrobe design can give you the needed space to hold your belongings, avoiding clutters. You can use the mirror shutter as a looking glass. Because this design reflects a lot of light, your bedroom will appear to have more space.

3. Wardrobe shutters with sloping mirror edges. This is called a beveled mirror. This adds a touch of class to your room. This design is contemporary and has become a favourite for most homeowners.

4. Walk-in wardrobe with transparent glass doors. Well, in this design, you can use completely transparent glass shutters. This glass makes everything inside your wardrobe visible, ensuring that your things are meticulously organised and arranged in an orderly manner.

5. Wardrobe with white glass with floral designs. You use white glass for shutters with floral prints. With this wardrobe design, you can expect your bedroom’s interior will improve.

6. Glass sliding wardrobe design with two-tone. For example, the combination of smokey grey and pale aqua will lend a look of understated elegance and is a great fit for your modern bathroom decor.

7. A wardrobe with partial glass panel. This means your wardrobe will not be made entirely of glass because you value your privacy. So you use a glass shutter only in the middle. It sure will bring a striking and impactful visual effect.

8. Loft style walk-in wardrobe. This design allows you to view your outfit, even lying on your bed. Super organised, fabulous, and functional. The shutters are black glass.

Each of the above sliding glass wardrobe door ideas will add an element of style to a room and upgrade the space’s practicality and functionality. 

These ideas are great to take cues from when you want to design your wardrobe.

On another thought, you may be thinking of an aluminum sliding wardrobe. These highly practical doors offer clear and open views of the outside. The bifold sliding door system is a series of framed glazed glass panels that slide and fold to open. This is very sturdy and performs better than other door types.

If you are considering the glass wardrobe price, you can purchase by square feet at a price ranging from Rs. 1,250 to Rs. 1,800. You can buy it on a per-unit basis or have it fitted against your wall. There are factors to consider in determining the price of a glass wardrobe, such as the wardrobe position in your bedroom – against a single wall or in a corner. Other factors include the complexity of the design, measurement, manufacturing, and installation.

There are many other design ideas for glass sliding wardrobes that you might need help choosing. If you are building your bedroom wardrobe and think you need help in its design, VMS Plus assists you. We are a leading supplier of glass panels, and we are also involved in glass wardrobe designs.

So, contact our sales and design teams and tell them how you want your wardrobe to be built. We will happily share our expertise with you.