Designing a custom kitchen: Things to keep in mind


July 4, 2023

Have you decided to go ahead with your planned custom kitchen renovation project? That’s great!

However, let us first know the meaning of custom kitchen design. When you design a custom kitchen, you will build a kitchen that is expected to last longer, both in functionality and design. It features cabinetry made only of the best available materials and made by skilled and experienced cabinet makers that aim to deliver a finished product that is nothing but remarkable.

While designing a custom kitchen for your family, there are things to remember before you even look for a contractor. These factors will allow you to create a kitchen that will look visually enticing and helpful in boosting appetite, and great for meal preparations and entertaining friends and relatives who visit.

  •  Layout planning.

This is extremely important to perfect your modern kitchen design and is the first step you should take. It involves the position of the kitchen’s central parts, appliances, and other components, where to locate the sink, refrigerator, stove, table, and chairs. Your kitchen layout ensures the efficiency and functionality of your kitchen construction.

  •   Storage.

Next to the layout is the kitchen storage. It will prevent cluttering your kitchenware and other appliances if you provide space for these things. Consider having more drawers and shelves. Installing overhead cabinets can also be beneficial.

  •   Electronic Appliances.

Think about all the electronic appliances you will be using in your kitchen, as well as the electric points necessary to run them. This should be planned, so you will be satisfied with the necessary electricity points.

  •   Lighting.

Create the perfect atmosphere in your kitchen through the kitchen lighting. Ensure that there is a variety of light sources, and you can choose from lighting options on all sides of the room (ambient lighting) or added pendants for enhancement.

  •  Flooring.

The kitchen flooring should be addressed in the design process for aesthetics and safety purposes. The flooring materials should create a light and airy space and should allow you to see safety hazards such as spills.

  •  Ventilation.

It would be best to have the right air circulation in the kitchen, so ventilation is another thing to remember while designing your kitchen. Ventilation is crucial not only during meal preparations but also in maintaining the smell of your kitchen. The smell of your cooking will only stay for a short time in your favourite space if you consider this aspect in your kitchen planning.

  •  Backsplash.

Backsplash is a panel behind the stove or the sink that protects the walls from splashes of grease, water, and other messes. Besides adding to the aesthetic value of your kitchen, the backsplash allows for easy cleaning of messes after cooking.

There are really many other things to remember while designing your custom kitchen. 

Included in these things are the custom kitchen cabinets. But what are custom kitchen cabinets? These cabinets are designed primarily to fit your space and your specifications. This design is excellent if you have an irregularly shaped kitchen or need to navigate tricky corners.

Custom kitchen cabinets are an expensive option. Why? Because these are made to order, they suit your specifications and are made of the best materials you can find in the market. You may ask: 

Are custom kitchen cabinets worth it? Well, our reply is a big YES. They are worth the cost, even if they cost more than other cabinet designs. 

They allow you to have something unique that perfectly complements your kitchen space and home.  

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