Designing Your Space With Glass Partition Walls


June 16, 2023

When you need to divide a space at home or office to create privacy or to separate spaces, there are many options; but the best and most modern way is the use of glass partition. These glass room dividers will keep the character and atmosphere of your open layout design the same.

Glass professionals fabricate glass partition walls to your desired size and have them installed in your space. These walls can create additional rooms within a larger area when needed.

What Are The Reasons Why You Should Glass Partition Walls?

There are several valid reasons for using glass as room dividers.

  •  Glass can adapt or can be made to adapt to many different functions. They can match any colour scheme and blend with modern, transitional, or traditional designs.
  •  Glass is aesthetically pleasing. 
  • For a long time, glass has been known for its beauty and sparkle. So when you add glass to your designs, your space becomes more attractive.
  •  Glass partition walls for home are easy to install (and it also works for office spaces.) You can avoid experiencing the mess, hassle, and distraction of having traditional walls – framing, covering with drywall, and painting.
  •  Glass room dividers are customisable. You can have them tailored to your needs and preferences regarding the style, framed or frameless, number of panels, open entrance or doors, and more.
  •  Glass partition walls can keep the character and feel of an open floor plan; while allowing you to create separate rooms.
  •  Glass is easy to sanitize and clean. 

It is stain resistant, especially because of the smooth surfaces of the clear, tinted, and back-painted glass panels.

Glass space dividers can be framed or frameless; both look great. However, in today’s world of space design, the frameless glass partition is more popular, rightly, because it does not change the look and feel of the space. This is why most homeowners and businesses opt to install frameless glass panels.  

For your home, you can use glass for the following:

  •               Glass door partition
  •               Living room glass divider
  •               Between the living room and dining room
  •               Between the living room and kitchen
  •               In the bedroom

For your office space, you can create additional cubicles for your workers or separate the reception counter, cash counter, etc., from the rest of the office. Office glass partitions are great for providing your employees with their work spaces while at the same time improving the interior of your professional office with their sleek, modern look. You can pair a glass with sliding or frameless rolling doors.

Glass office walls are perfect whenever you need a screen or barrier. VMS Plus Tradelink can design and install partitions that suit your particular business needs.

How Do You Maintain Glass Partition Walls?   

Glass is easy to clean and maintain. Always use an appropriate solution to clean it with a soft cloth or paper towel regularly. By appropriate solution, it means a cleaning agent that does not contain harsh chemicals. 

Spray the solution onto the paper towel or rag instead of onto the glass itself to prevent it from dripping down to the floor and damaging nearby surfaces. Do regular cleaning regularly, as it allows the glass to keep its sheen and upscale appearance.

If you want to know the glass partition prices, it is between Rs. 250/sq. ft and Rs 450/ sq ft. Your total cost for installing glass room dividers will depend on how many dividers you want to install and the cost of labour for the installation.

If you are looking for a glass company in Ahmedabad and nearby areas that you can trust, VMS Plus supplies and installs custom glass for homes and offices. As such, we are committed to our customer’s satisfaction with each completed project, large or small.

Why not contact us today and schedule a free consultation at your home or business, and experience the benefits of professional installation of glass office walls? as our experienced and skilled glaziers fit the glass walls in place?