Designs for Kitchen Overhead Cabinets


February 24, 2023

Kitchen overhead cabinets are those cabinets that are mounted to your kitchen walls. The purpose of these cabinets is to add to the storage space that you have available, but they can also be nice decorative features. Typically, they are used for storage for your dinnerware, glassware, coffee mugs, etc. You can use them as a pantry for dry goods such as tea, honey, coffee, sugar, spices, and cooking oils.

Here are the reasons why a homeowner like you should invest in a modular kitchen overhead cabinet:

  • increase the amount of storage space in your kitchen.
  • prevent kitchen accidents such as head bumps.
  • ease of transport, assembly, and installation.
  • can be customised to your preferences.
  • enhance the look of your kitchen,
  • easily accessible for everyone.
  • you achieve a clutter-free kitchen.
  • convenient.

Modern kitchen profiles are increasingly becoming popular in contemporary design.

They emphasize clean cut and essential lines that combine functionality with good looks.

Many homeowners building new or renovating their kitchens will need to make countless decisions. For example, for your overhead kitchen cabinets, you must select the frame type, materials, colours, door styles, hardware, and more. Further, the kitchen overhead cabinet design is another thing to think about.

The design of your overhead kitchen cabinets has an important role in determining the look and feel of your kitchen overall. In addition to the above, you should consider factors such as cabinet door shutter design, external finishes, and practicality of use. Every style of overhead cabinet has its distinct appearance and different closing and opening mechanisms.

Here are some designs for modular kitchen overhead cabinets that you can install in your kitchen:

1. Wall cabinet with a pegasus wall unit

The items at the top area of the shelves are hard to reach, and you must constantly need help to get your items from there. A nice solution to this problem is a pullout organiser called the pegasus wall cabinet;

and it can contain your breakfast plates, coffee mugs, tea cups, etc.

2. Overhead cabinet with bi-fold split shutter

As the name implies, a bi-fold split shutter splits in the middle to the top and bottom of the cabinet. This design can also help avoid accidents like bumps.

The shutter allows you to see the contents of the entire cabinet all at once and easily get the item you need.

3. Cabinet design with a diagonal lift-up shutter

This shutter lifts the shutter door horizontally. These are ideal for small-sized shelves and cabinets. You can have them installed in U-shaped, L-shaped, and straight kitchens and can store smaller jars and cans and kitchen essentials that are short in height.

4. Cabinet design with a vertical lift up shutter

Similar to a diagonal lift up shutter, this design includes a single-door shutter that lifts upwards and is great for storing tall bottles, boxes, and large kitchen utensils. It has enough open space for storage, can also serve as extra pantry items, and is great from a safety point of view.

5. Cabinet design with open box shelves

This design is the safest and most accessible alternative for homeowners likely to suffer from overhead kitchen cabinet accidents. The Backlit LED lighting option will provide more light to this area. You can install doors to cabinets that contain fragile items.

6. Overhead kitchen cabinets with sliding doors

These cabinet doors move back and forth on rollers and tracks. It has two panels, and one slide in front of the other, so you cannot view the entire content of the cabinet. Careful handling is also necessary to avoid damaging the alignment and causing the shutter to slip on the track.

Contact VMS Plus today if you need help designing and installing your overhead kitchen cabinets. Our design team will be delighted to be part of your project.