Explore 2024’s Top Glass Wardrobe Trends


March 28, 2023

Planning your wardrobe designs for bedroom is the first step to having a well-organised wardrobe. You can use most of the available space; it will be faster to find the clothes you need for the day. You can also have the advantage of having the layout personalised to what suits you best; the wardrobe is tidy and clean.

Being the homeowner’s private space, the bedroom is where they spend a major portion of their lives, making the wardrobe one of the most important components of a modern bedroom. Beautifully planned master bedroom wardrobe design creates a practical, appealing, and orderly space.

If you are like everyone, always looking for something unique and different, some of the latest wardrobe design trends may surprise you. You’ll find that there is always something for everyone – from multi-functional and cutting-edge technology designs to transparent wardrobes.

Wardrobe designs are an essential part of the interiors of your room and home; they are not just mere features in a room. They take up a lot of space, and when mixed with the interiors, they can convey many aesthetics.

Thus, you must choose the best modern wardrobe design intelligently. It should be based on factors like height, width, materials used, and the functionality and quality of hooks, hinges, knobs, and others.

These are some modern wardrobe designs for bedroom that we have researched and that you may find appealing:

1. Modern Glass Wardrobe Designs

You can choose from 3 different finishes – opaque, transparent, and translucent—last two. When used in wardrobe designs, it will allow you to exhibit your clothes and possessions, especially when paired with black metal frames and backlighting. Glass can transform your space and capture people’s attention as if by magic.

2. Wardrobe With Translucent Glass Shutters

This wardrobe design is perfect for guest rooms and spacious living rooms. The closet can have wide translucent glass panels and shutters. The best option for small bedrooms would be a sliding shutter instead of a hinged one. You’ll have flexibility in space and add privacy to what you have in store in the cabinets.

3.   Floor to Ceiling Glass Wardrobe Design 

This is an exciting design, especially when placed in between large twin bedrooms, and presently gaining popularity. The bedroom decor is given a timeless appeal, especially when the wardrobe is extended to the ceiling. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the unoccupied area.

Aside from the above, there are more wardrobe designs that you may find interesting and want to have in your bedroom. There is the sliding glass wardrobe design and the wardrobe with a partial glass panel.

You can also work with colours and lighting to have a wardrobe that’s modern and pleasing to the eyes. Even if you have set your eyes on a specific design, we know that you may still need help from VMS Plus in choosing the best option.

Why not call us for the glass that you need? We can provide you glass in any colour, shape, and thickness. We will be delighted to hear from you about your project, so get in touch now.