Glass Partition vs Solid Partition For Office


November 1, 2023

Thinking of designing a new workspace  or considering a renovation and redecoration of your current office?  Using office partitions will allow you to modernise your space in a cost-effective and stylish manner.There are two types of partitions that you can use in dividing your office space –  the glass, and the solid ones.  Both are functional and can be aesthetically pleasing, but as in any two items, there are always differences, so you need to find out which suits your office needs.

To make it easy for you to make a choice, let us enumerate the benefits of installing glass partition walls instead of the dry wall.


Unlike solid walls, glass has a greater flexibility if you want to make changes or alterations to your office space in the future.  Glass partitioning is easier to demount or deglaze than solid walls.  It is also less messy. Glass that have been demounted can be reused for other projects, or have them relocated and adapted to the changing needs of your office.

Cost-effectiveness and Affordability

Glass partitions are  a competitive market, which makes it easy for you to find a partitioning system that will be suitable to  your budget. While they cost more initially than other office dividers, they may be cost effective in the long run.  If you’ve got an installation team that is organised and experienced, glass can prove to be quicker to install than solid walls, so there would be minimised  costly disruptions in the office.

 Noise reduction

If you’re after noise reduction, you can consider using a double-glazed partition system or acoustic glass to make your space sound-proof. You can also protect your privacy visually through use of obscured glass, which allows light through, but not clear vision.  It is very helpful for adding privacy.  For glass partition wall design that is not totally transparent, obscured glass is a good option.

 Combines with your office’s existing design

Glass office partition walls, once they are installed, become functional, and blend with your office’s current aesthetics to create instant ambience.  It is not like the drywalls where you need to wait for the paint to dry, and make it match with your office interior designs.


Glass is extremely customisable.  Some glass partition systems may be fixed, there are more that are demountable.   This means that they can be removed and redesigned and reused as needed, with little to no mess and no big additional costs.


Installing glass in your office as a partition is an easy way to incorporate eco-friendly principles.  These partitions reduce waste because you can have them reused in a variety of applications.  Wherease to reconfigure a dry wall, you have it demolished, disposed of in a landfill typically,  then you rebuild the walls through the use of new materials.  Glass is recyclable.  So, you can have them serve another purpose, instead of having them clog a landfill.

Those items listed above are the benefits you can get when you install glass to divide your office space, and you can expect more.   Whether you are refurbishing on a tight budget or you want to renovate your space with as little disturbance as possible in your work process,  glass is clearly the best choice for your business.

You can use glass partitioning not only in offices, but they are also becoming popularly used in commercial spaces, schools, and even in modern homes. If you are looking for your floor layout to have a spacious open feel, but also provide an element of privacy, glass partitioning is a great option.

VMS Plus designs, supplies and installs glass office partitions according to our individual clients’ specifications. Not only we can help give your office design a modern and clean feel, but we can also add to your interior design ideas.   There are so many partitioning systems that you can choose from, and you are sure to find the suitable look, the flexibility and the functionality that you want, without overshooting your budget.

If you’re ready to invest in glass office dividers, browse our selections through our website today.  You may also get in touch with us and speak with one of our design consultants to discuss your office requirements.