Here’s What’s New In Open Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen Cabinet Types: Everything You Need to Know

February 17, 2023

Are you looking to create a new kitchen or give your existing space an improved form and appearance? Then it will be worth installing some open kitchen cabinets for enhanced efficiency.

Open kitchen cabinets are what the name implies. They are cabinet shelves with no doors. This exposes all the things within the shelves, thus adding to the kitchen’s aesthetic value overall.

Open kitchen shelves became a secondary status when modular kitchens became the trend. That’s not the case anymore. Homeowners today have more open kitchen cabinets ideas, so they can display a modern kitchen ostentatiously, having a mix of storage sections for visual appeal and convenience.

Here are some options for kitchen with open shelves and cabinets that will make your kitchen style more exciting and appealing.

1. Solo Open Kitchen Cabinet for a Subtle Statement

You only need a few open cabinets to make a statement. One among the multiple closed cabinets in your kitchen is appropriate for anyone who likes to make a precise statement. Use glass kitchen cabinet doors for the shelves overhead and also for the shelves below the countertop. The solo open kitchen cabinet could serve as your go-to section during tea time.

2. Open Kitchen Cabinets, Mechanically Operated, For Your Crockery

This design idea offers a wide range of storage. It has a Pull dow-Push handle that makes for easy operation. This exposed wall cabinet can hold your plates, dishes, cups, bowls and other earthenware and chinaware. The racks and the wooden cabinet can be customised so that you can make a fine adjustment to your preferences.

3. Open Kitchen Cabinets With Wicker Baskets

When looking for kitchen cabinet images online, you will likely see only the traditional wall cabinets. However, the wicker baskets are an outstanding consideration if you want more elegant options. You can place them on the shelves and use them for storing vegetables and fruits or as your spice counter. They can also contain your cutlery, kitchen scissors, tongs for cooking, and other utility supplies.

4. Open Kitchen Cabinets To Store Meal Essentials

This design idea can store your everyday essentials, from breakfast cereal to cooking ingredients. You can position it just above the counter for easy reach; and interlinked with the upper kitchen cabinet with glass door. The overhead cabinet is usually intended for the space above the countertop.

These cabinets with glass doors are great for displaying and illuminating your kitchenware and other items. The glass also allows you to see inside the cabinet, so visitors can easily see the things you want to showcase.

This is also an ideal option for studio apartments and urban homes. These residential buildings have small and compact kitchens.

5. Open Kitchen Cabinets With Fancy, No-Door Look

This is about an island kitchen design. You can have a mix of open and closed kitchen cabinets to add to the storage on the centre island. The open cabinets can be designed with different shapes and sizes – squares, triangles, and rectangles. They look fancy yet very accessible when you’re using the cooktop. The open shelves can have different colours. The flooring and the chimney should complement the appearance of the unit. This design is for varied storage options.

There they are. We hope you explore the different ideas for open kitchen cabinets in this blog. If you need help designing your kitchen, whether it is from scratch or a remodel, get in touch with VMS Plus.

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