How to Fix a Smelly Bathroom Sink?   


December 3, 2023

A smelly bathroom drain can be troubling. If you’re experiencing this, know that you’re not alone. But what’s causing this?

The build usually causes a smelly sink in the kitchen or bathroom up of bacteria, fat, food particles, hair, and soap scums that were flushed down the drain. When these things get stuck in the pipes, they prevent water from passing through. Hence, the smell of a rotten egg is created.

However, this problem should not worry you because you can easily find a smelly bathroom sink drain remedy that can help you clear whatever is stuck in the pipes and gives you a foul smell. Below are some methods, products and tools that you can use to clear the drain and get rid of that nasty smell.

Caustic soda (Sodium Hydrochloride)

This can effectively unblock the sinks with its fantastic degreasing properties, so this substance can break down fat and grease that block the drain.

To use caustic soda, make a solution by dissolving 10% sodium hydrochloride into 1 llitre of water. Pour the solution down the drain, and any deposits in the sink will be broken down. Then, follow it with water.

Caustic soda is a hazardous substance, so care must be taken that it does not get in direct contact and irritate the eyes by wearing gloves and protective glasses. 

Boiling water.

Heat water in the kettle up to almost boiling point and then pour this hot water down the drain. Wait for 5 minutes before pouring down an equal amount of cold water. This process will congeal the remaining grease, clearing the blockage and the smell.

White vinegar

This is a very easy and simple method of getting rid of the nasty smell and clearing your drain pipes. Pour a cup of white vinegar down the drain and wait for it to work its magic for about 30 minutes. Rinse it with water, and you’re done.


Place the plunger cup over the basin drain and pump strongly up and down; the small blockages will get removed, and your sink will smell very nice.

Checking the U-Bend  

U-bend or waste pipes are located under the plug hole of the bathroom basin. This U-Bend is usually filled with water so that the drain odours cannot escape. When the U-bend gets obstructed, you need to remove the U-bend pipe with a wrench and then remove the blockage. Clean the pipe with a wire brush and a flush of warm water to sweep away the remaining residue.

The rule of thumb in avoiding a blocked sink is cleaning bathroom regularly. Also, be careful about what you pour down your drain. For any deposits that might form, you can use drainage cleaner powder or sink cleaning powder. Both agents can be used to unblock the drainpipes, as they can melt grease, hair, fat and food completely in 30 minutes.

If you have done the above-suggested methods, but the smelly drain persists, you can ask professional help from experts in bathrooms and kitchens like the VMS Plus. We have plumbers who are accredited and registered trade persons, and they can give you the best advice after they have made an inspection of your site and most probably give you the solution that you need.

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