Kitchen Cabinet Types: Everything You Need to Know

Kitchen Cabinet Types: Everything You Need to Know

August 5, 2022

Do you have a kitchen renovation project coming up? Perhaps you’re thinking much about the kitchen cabinets. What style would suit your needs and the style of your kitchen?

There are many types of modern kitchen cabinets, and they are grouped into categories, grades, and kitchen cabinet doors.

The four categories of cabinets for the kitchen are:

  • Wall cabinets are mounted on the upper part of the wall.
  • Base cabinets rest on the floor, so they are lower than wall cabinets.
  • Pantry cabinets are larger than the wall and base cabinets and have lots of storage spaces for spices and even small appliances.
  • Specialty cabinets, an example of which is the corner cabinet.

Cabinets are also classified according to grades based on the construction quality. Here are the three grades of kitchen cabinets.

* Stock cabinets are the most reasonable in price; and does not offer customisation, and they offer just a few styles of cabinet door for you to choose from. This grade of the cabinet can be delivered very quickly.

* Semi-custom cabinets allow you to choose the finishing details, and you won’t wait an extended period for them to be created and delivered to you.

* Custom cabinets are the most highly-priced option and take the longest time to complete.

The third grouping is the kitchen cabinet styles according to cabinet doors. The cabinets largely depend on your preferences; some may look more traditional, while others still appear modern.

1. Shaker cabinet doors. These belong to the most common and popular cabinet doors with recessed panels and clean lines and offer tons of flexibility regarding style. Shaker cabinet doors are usually found in stock kitchen cabinet designs.

2. Flat panel. This is a cabinet door that has a single panel instead of a frame. It gives a sleek look to your kitchen, as only the panel shows at the cabinet front.

3. Inset door style. This style has the door flush within the cabinet instead of hinged outside the frame. The process of creating this style is intricate to ensure the door suits the box frame perfectly.

4. Raised panels. As the name implies, the front panel of the door is raised, giving a 3-dimensional look to the door. You can choose between a monochromatic finish and a 2-tone effect between the centre panel and the frame.

5. Glass shutters for kitchen allow you to see through the cabinet door what you have on display inside. Glass gives a striking contrast when combined with other kitchen materials like wood or laminate, accentuating the elegance of your kitchen.

These glass shutters are available in transparent and frosted finishes.

Choosing aluminum shutters for kitchen over Glass is also a good idea. These shutters are available in a variety of colours. These are manufactured in the factory individually and then set up on site. They can easily blend with your kitchen layout design.

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