Kitchen Island:  Yes or a Big NO for Indian Homes   


December 2, 2023

Planning to do a kitchen renovation or build a whole new kitchen?

Remodelling a kitchen is an exciting task. However, it is also very challenging because you need to consider many elements when it comes to layout, materials, colour and texture.

You might also consider whether the islands for the kitchen will be good for the space in your Indian home.

Kitchen island designs have become popular during the last several years. For those who do not have special knowledge about it, a kitchen island is a free-standing feature in the centre of the kitchen. It is a combination of kitchen cabinet for storage and a countertop for additional working space.

So, is a kitchen island a YES or a big NO for Indian homes? Before we can answer that question, let us first know the PROS and CONS of this kitchen feature.

PROS of kitchen islands

Provide additional counter space and seating. 

A kitchen layout with an island offers you extra kitchen counter top space and “mise en place”. It is a French word which means “put in place”, where ingredients, tools and everything is prepped, gathered and organised before cooking begins.

Add character to your kitchen design.

An island can be a dramatic focal point in a monochromatic kitchen.

You get more storage.

It offers a place where you can keep your extra sets of plates, oven, and other cooking/dining utensils. Simply add shelves, drawers and cabinets to your island, and you will get the best storage solutions.

CONS of kitchen islands 

May not be suited for wiring or venting. 

If you plan to include washing and electrical stuff, you may require extensive plumbing and wiring. Make sure that it is safe to install a stovetop by checking with your designer.

Disrupts the work triangle.

If kitchen islands do not allow you easy access to the stove, fridge, and wash area (the work triangle), they are not correctly designed.

If you interview Indian homeowners about kitchen islands, here are some answers for those who find the feature favourable.

  “It looks nice in the kitchen, really nice. 

Working here is a comfort in itself.”

“It offers a ton of options, such as dining, washing, meal prep, and also lots of storage.”

 “ Keeps the prep and cooking area separate.”

  “ An island is a wise idea for an Indian kitchen.”

 “ Gives the advantage of an uncluttered kitchen platform. There’s less area to clean up after all the chopping, grating, cutting, and kneading are done.”

“ When strategically positioned, kitchen islands allow a person to continue watching their favourite programs on TV that are going on in the living room.”

  “It’s a nice place to sit around and chat over coffee while something is being cooked.”

Those who are not in favour of kitchen islands have these to say:

  “ The size of my kitchen does not allow having kitchen islands because I wouldn’t have enough space to move around.”

 “ My Indian kitchen should be an open kitchen. Otherwise, I will feel claustrophobic.”

Whichever is the case, this feature promises to be the heart of your kitchen. 

Kitchen islands are worth the investment not only for functionality and aesthetic values but also for the feeling of opulence that they provide. 

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