Modern Pooja Room Glass Door Ideas 


March 14, 2023

The pooja room is a customised prayer room where family deities, idols, and religious texts are kept and displayed. The room is exclusively used for worship, prayers, and meditation. It is a sacred room in most Indian homes, dedicated to spiritual activities to worship God.

The location of the pooja room is of great significance or value in the Indian system of architecture and the perfect locations should be North East, East, and North of the home.

Modern pooja room glass door designs for home interiors in India should be even in practicality and aesthetics so that an atmosphere that offsets the difficulties and negative aspects of your daily routines can be counteracted. One of the modern trends today for pooja room designs is incorporating glass into the form. Glass allows an optional amount of light to enter a room so that even the smallest spaces can seem to look bright and airy. Glass is also easy to clean and simple to maintain. These qualities make glass functional and elegant. Glass as a material can be used beautifully with other materials to create a range of diverse design solutions for your pooja room.

These are some of the best in today’s pooja room door designs using glass

  • Enclosing your pooja room completely – A complete pooja door glass design allows the entrance of sufficient lighting. This design also allows for favourable idol orientation and placement. With this door design, you can keep the focus on the more prominent space on your altar and still maintain a comfortable level of privacy for meditation and prayer.
  • Simple glass design for pooja room. This design is for compact spaces instead of something large and imposing. Remember that a pooja room does not have to be grand to impact your spirit or home positively. A classic door design with glass insets will fit the most modest homes. Even a tiny mandir space with glass doors can be the best solution.
  • Sliding glass doors design is another excellent way to maintain ample floor space. A sliding pooja room glass door with metal can add a touch of modern elegance to the room; you can keep the heritage and tradition alive. This particular glass door design is popular where the prayer room falls within your home’s living room.
  • Pooja room door design with glass and wood. If you have enough space and are thinking of a more traditional pooja room door, then a combination of glass and wood for the door might be a perfect fit.

You can also opt for frameless or frosted glass for your pooja room door design. Your choice will depend on how much privacy you need and the cost. If you wish additional information about glass in pooja room door designs, don’t hesitate to contact VMS Plus or, better yet, call us so we can talk about Your project. Our customer care representatives will answer all your queries calmly and patiently and will never act bored. All our employees are actively involved in their work.