Shower Glass Partitions: Different Types


January 30, 2023

Soon to give your bathroom an upgrade? The first thing to do is get rid of the shower curtains, as they can trap bacteria and collect soap scum, mildew and mold. They need to be removed from the hanger and washed regularly. Instead, you can replace them with shower glass partitions.

There are reasons why bathroom glass partitions are a trend today. They are versatile, there is an almost endless array of options, some ready to install, and some can be customised. They are made of hardened glass, so they do not break too easily. If they do, they break into smaller and duller pieces, not larger, sharper, more dangerous shards. Glass shower partitions are easy to clean and maintain, provided you do it regularly.

Installing a bathroom glass partition allows you to separate the wet and dry areas, besides being wonderfully lovely to be at, feeling luxurious and pleased while taking your skincare and body cleansing routine.

You can choose from various design ideas for your shower partitions, as you will find below:

  • Half glass partition. This is half glass and half concrete and will protect your mirror and vanity from stains.
  • Patterned glass partition. This is customised glass with lovely designs incorporated into it.
  • Sliding glass divider. This shower glass partition makes the entire bathroom look more spacious while allowing you to enjoy your shower time in solitude.
  • Floor-to-ceiling partition. This type of partition seals the shower space from the bottom to the top, so the moisture and heat get trapped. It gives a feeling of having a steam bath.
  • Coloured lacquered or tinted glass partition. This bathroom glass partition adds a lively and dramatic appeal to your space. You may choose from various colours, including yellow, green, blue, red and grey.
  • Framed glass partition. This means that metal frames, such as aluminium and steel, will be used to add support and strength to the panels of glass and the shower door.
  • Glass bricks. If you want to stray away from the standard glass material for your shower partition, you can use glass bricks in different shapes, thicknesses and colours.

If you want to know the bathroom glass partition prices and visit several stores in various places, you will notice that the prices are different. That is because their prices depend on the glass material’s quality, thickness, and area it will cover. Other factors also include the decorative handles, the custom features, and the glass treatment. The cost of installation is separate from the glass partition in bathroom prices. The installation usually requires specific tools and experience in glass works. The installation entails cutting the glass according to the required size, attaching handles and hinges, and ensuring that everything fits perfectly. Special skills are needed to accomplish these tasks, and you would want it done professionally.

If you want to learn more about bathroom shower glass partitions, VMS Plus is here to help, whatever your budget is. We can visit your home to take measurements. Call us today to schedule a consultation.