Signs You Need to Replace Your Glass Shower Door


April 3, 2024

There are some important things that can top a peaceful shower after a hectic day. But how you can find amity when your old-fashioned shower door is stopping you from utilizing it? 

A bespoke glass shower door, like any other type of bathroom fixture, will eventually reveal its age. The pointer of abrasion on your shower door can differ from small irritations like rusting and squeaks hardware to serious problems like leaks and cracks. It could be time for a shower door replacement if you are facing issues with it. 

Here are a few important things to check if you are searching for a new custom shower door installation or planning to upgrade your old door. 

Signs That Showing There is a Need for a New Custom Glass Shower Door 

Does your glass shower door display any of these signs? Is that so, then you should get a new one immediately. 

1. Cloudy Vision 

Your new bespoke glass shower door installation was pristine and gleaming when you installed it. The glass panels were spotless and glossy if they had any texture or tint. Though, soap scum and stains could have built up over some time, due to the utilization of soap and hard water. 

Also, mould thrive in bathrooms due to the high level of moisture there. These impart a dirty, foggy look to the glass when they come in touch with mineral deposits, such as hard water and soap scum. Glass panels exposed to harsh water will likewise appear perpetually dirty. 

When you plan to change your old, stained sliding shower doors with a completely new one, the grime and dirt have built up to the point where chemical cleaners work not longer. 

2. Chips and/or cracks 

It could be easy to brush off minor damage to your glass shower door, such as a fracture, chip, scrape, or pit. But any one of those things might compromise its structural soundness and cause a catastrophic disaster. These kinds of damages usually necessitate quick action because they could cause the whole panel to break. Also, you do not want any chips along the edges because they could hurt you. You could get it fixed, but installing a new glass door in the shower would be a safer option. 

3. Rust or Corrosion on the Frame 

Your shower’s glass panels and door are not the only parts that could break. Since these components are typically constructed of metal, the framing—which includes the track, the hinges, and the door frame—also requires adequate attention. Rusting occurs when metal parts are exposed to water; this process causes the metal to expand, which in turn weakens and corrodes the metal. A corroded frame weakens the door’s ability to sustain the glass, making it more likely that the door may fall and break. Finding brown and red areas along the track, framework, and hinges is your best chance of avoiding this. 

Look for flaking or missing components along the frame as well. You should contact a frameless sliding shower doors installation service right away, to get a new one if you see any.

4. Notable Spills

The main role of the swing glass shower doors custom is to contain the water within the shower. The door may not be watertight, though, if it is damaged or no longer fits snugly. Due to this, water will seep onto the floor of your bathroom, which can harm other fixtures and create a slip and fall risk.  Sometimes it is the glass screen that is the issue. Even if the fractures are not big enough to see, they could be letting a lot of water through your glass shower door. 

Also, the waterproof seal of your door’s shower sweep, which is attached to the bottom of the door, can come loose after some use. Since they loosen, wear, shrink, and fall out with time, gaskets, seals, and caulking can also create leaks. As an example, a crack may appear between the glass panels if the gasket becomes thin. Alternately, if you apply sealant around the hinges, it will shrink, leaving a hole where water can easily enter. 

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