Small Bathroom Shower Design Ideas For a Modern Look   


August 17, 2023

If you have a very compact bathroom in the house, you don’t have to worry that a small bathroom shower would not fit in the setup. You may need to think creatively about doing this, but sure, you’ll find some showers for a small bathroom that can get the job done while looking elegant and appealing.

When designing a small shower, you can go in whatever direction you want, like when you prefer a bit of pattern – stone or tile. If you love neutral, that is a choice you may also like. If you are a fan of modern styles, you can have fun with contemporary elements in the bathroom, like, for example, glass shower doors and black hardware.

Here are some small bathroom shower design ideas that give a modern look:

1. Modern Bathroom Shower Tile Design

Bathrooms today are no longer regarded as plain, simple, and functional spaces in interior design. They can now be customised according to the homeowners’ preferences, as to colours, textures, and patterns. There are great opportunities for tile experimentation – from funky Chevron patterns to terrazzo floors to mix-and-match tiles and even grout in differing colours. All these allow for a modern and playful small bathroom shower design.

2. Walk-in Enclosure Shower Ideas

Modern and small bathroom ideas with shower, concrete finishes, and rustic stones are the most important and powerful elements. You need to use larger tiles to make the floor area in your shower design. Remember, simplicity and minimalism can be more appealing and effective than excesses and complexity.  

You can bring the outdoors to your modern shower design by maximising natural light and adding artificial or real potted plants. Use warm, dark wood accents for your vanity, mirror, and towel racks. Or, using a wooden ladder to hang clothes, napkins, and other things would be better.

3. Luxe Marble and Granite Shower Designs

When materials and textures in small shower room ideas are concerned, granite and marble can keep in style, and there are good reasons for being so. These natural, luxe materials are a great way to achieve a spa-like experience and aesthetics at home. These natural stones, marble, and granite stand the test of time when it comes to timeless appeal and durability.

4. Glass Shower Designs for Minimalistic Bathroom

The shower glass cubicle or a glass shower enclosure is among the most popular features of a modern bathroom design. This is one of the shower products that can make your bathroom look bigger, more modern, and visually appealing. These structures are not only about aesthetics but also add functionality to your bathroom, whatever the size, by not letting the water splash into the other areas of the bathroom, keeping it dry and clean.

5. Small Bathroom Shower Design With a Bathtub

A beautifully designed bathtub spells luxury. At the end of a long day, a hot soak is a perfect way of attaining perfect happiness. If the space in your bathroom can accommodate even the smallest bathtub in the market, go for it.

Soaking in the bathtub to relax is not just to wash away the day’s grime and dirt. It is also a chance for the tired muscles to get soothed.

6. Corner Bathroom Shower Design for Small Bathrooms

For a long time, small bathroom designs were able to create distinct spaces – vanity, shower, toilet, and more – to serve all the functions required in the confined space of a single bathroom. No matter the shape and size of your bathroom, you can always install a corner-side bathroom enclosure. This corner shower design can be a ready-to-install acrylic model or custom-built with glass partitions and doors.

So are you worried that you have a small bathroom? You shouldn’t be.  

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