Small Kitchen Organisation Ideas


January 11, 2024

Are you living in a small house or apartment? If so, you likely have a small kitchen, which can be challenging to work in.

When you find it hard to find a home for every appliance or tool you need and feel there’s not enough room for you to function, small kitchen organisation ideas are the key.

Luckily, there are a lot of tips and tricks, strategies, and hacks for organising a small kitchen that will help you make the best use of your limited space, and I am listing down some of them for you.

1. Declutter

Remove all the unnecessary items from your overcrowded kitchen, including the duplicates and broken items, until you are left with things you need and get some valuable space.

2. Once you have decided what is essential in your kitchen, ensure you have a place for everything and everything in its place. Give each appliance a home, and put them there when not used.

3. Use kitchen countertop storage to store your everyday items. This way, you can keep them within your easy reach.

4. Divide your kitchen drawers. Use drawer dividers. These can change your existing situation in the kitchen in a significant way.

5. Kitchen island storage will give you additional space for dishes, appliances, pantry items or other items you want to put away or set aside.

6. Getting creative, you could look for any unutilised space outside the kitchen, such as a storage space under the stairs.  

7. If you have space, you can purchase a freestanding pantry

This is a great option, especially if you are renting your place. When you move out, you can bring this kitchen cabinet with you.

8. Utilise your drawers by creating a pull out rack, which is ideal for storing spices, dry goods, condiments, and other pantry items that do not require refrigeration. This will help you easily find what you need without digging through layers of bottled or canned goods.

9. Shelf risers are a classic way to store your plates, saucers, and bowls. They are designed to maximise your cabinet space by creating more vertical stacking space in it.

10. Use a lazy susans cabinet to store narrow bottles and jars. 

A lazy susans cabinet is a revolving stand or tray on a table or countertop for holding condiment bottles. You just turn it around and pick up what you need.

11. You can double your storage space by adding open shelves in the cupboard. You may also find some vacant spaces beside cabinets where you can display beautiful canisters and bottles.

12. For your food storage ideas, ensure you have a space in your refrigerator to keep every food fresh. Alternatively, you can use food storage containers to avoid the mess.

13. Rethink your small kitchen layout. If you wish to update your kitchen features, go to it with practical knowledge of storage solutions.

A well-organised kitchen, however tiny, is a pure joy in cooking and preparing meals for the family.

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