Stunning Glass Wardrobe Designs for Bedrooms   


July 12, 2023

Like your kitchen, the bedroom is where you spend most of your time at home. In the bedroom, the wardrobe is the primary piece of furniture next to your bed, and it has a vital role in keeping your clothing essentials organised and protected from any damage. You can incorporate glass in these wardrobe designs, and you won’t regret it!

Different homeowners have different ideas for their modern glass wardrobe design. For style, some choose from L-shaped and phone booth shapes or loft-style wardrobes. There are more to choose from for the type of glass used, from frosted, vintage, patterned, lacquered, and translucent glass. 

Some other wardrobe design ideas include the following:

  •  Sliding glass wardrobe design.

This is precisely how it sounds and is a perfect fit for not-so-big bedrooms. The sliding glass provides much wardrobe space to accommodate all your belongings. This results, therefore, in an uncluttered bedroom. If you include a mirror shutter, you will definitely have a looking glass. The glass in this design reflects light, making the room appear more spacious.

  •  Mirrored wardrobe with sliding doors.  

This design is ideal if you have a small bedroom that cannot contain several pieces of furniture. So you add a mirror instead of a full glass design. You will love that your items get hidden, and you have a mirror to look at yourself. A dressing table or a wall mirror would not be needed anymore. The bright lighting from the glass and the mirror will make your tiny space larger and more appealing.

  • Master bedroom wardrobe design.

Being the biggest bedroom in any home, the main bedroom can be used to create ample storage. You can maximise its use depending on its measurements. There are several master bedroom wardrobe designs in the market; choosing the one that will fit your home can be tricky.

  •  Sliding wardrobe design for small bedrooms.

This design is the favourite of many homeowners. This makes the room look elite if you choose white for the doors that slide from left to right and vice versa. Simple yet elegant – and looking more prominent than its actual size.

Now, if you have a small bedroom, you can arrange your bedside furniture, the wardrobe, and the bed on one wall. This will make the room more spacious and not dominated by furniture.

  • Modern glass wardrobe design.

This design is excellent if you want to create a wardrobe with a modern look and lightweight feel. Its sheer finish provides a sense of space, which is ideal if your room is smaller. The glass’s reflective surface makes your room feel brighter, however dark.

Indeed, there are many other glass wardrobe design ideas you can pick from various sources. These glass wardrobes seem disadvantageous because they are prone to fingerprints and a little more fragile. However, they are made with hard glass that cannot easily break. Also, they can be cleaned without too much effort and take only a light cleaning. Glass wardrobe designs are not only for traditional, smaller spaces; 

but they can also fit modern or contemporary home bedrooms.

A wardrobe that is mirror-finished will expand your space while brightening it. The glass wardrobe eliminates the need for a dresser. Other beautiful options for more fascinating wardrobe designs include partially mirrored, partially lacquered, wholly mirrored, and vintage glass closets.

We invite you to schedule a design consultation with VMS Plus in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Plenty of options will satisfy all your organising, aesthetics, and proper storage requirements. We have interior experts who will gladly share our expertise with you. Despite the numerous designs available, you may still require assistance, and we are happy to offer it. We can help you choose the right size and design for your desired glass wardrobe.

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