Stylist Ideas For Kids-Friendly Bathroom Designs    


November 4, 2023

Are you looking for bathroom design ideas? There are many of them on various websites, and they are all functional, playful and fun, and you can manage them efficiently for children of any age. Some considerations include the kids’ safety, ease of use, and design. It should be a space where your kids can grow and mature. You can add to your considerations the choice of wall colour, the accessibility, the design of the sink and the bathing, and other key bathroom elements.

An important thing to note is that a stylish way to design a bathroom for children is similar to how you create a kid’s bedroom.

The best bathroom design for kids should focus on their development and help them become more independent. If your kids’ bathroom is designed correctly, they can learn, grow, and reach their age-appropriate milestones. A kid’s bathroom shouldn’t be babyish but balanced with fun and functionality. The room should grow with the child and love it at any age.

Here are some stylish and popular kid’s bathroom ideas.

Use brightly coloured tiles.

This is a great way to introduce personality to your child’s bathroom. Whether it is an interesting tile layout, a vibrant colour, or a bold pattern, tiles are a practical choice that offers excellent impact.

Large tiles are ideal for family bathroom ideas. Fewer grout lines can translate to less cleaning, which is great for busy families.

Choose a colorful grout. This is a paste used to fill the gaps between floor and wall tiles. You can get creative with the tiles and grout colour combinations to make the materials connect and harmonise.

Add pops of colour through fixtures, but get the balance right. For example, you can use features to introduce colours in little quantities instead of the bold wall tile.

Bright colours are stimulating, and the space has added energy. When the children grow, these colours can be replaced with more sophisticated colours.

Include a step stool in the kid’s bathroom to help the kid reach the vanity or the sink. A cute step stool painted red or bright yellow also adds to your bathroom interior decor.

 Double up on sinks. This modern bathroom design is ideal if you have multiple children. This will allow at least two kids to gather in the space around the sink.

Add a fun wallpaper to your kid’s modern design of bathroom. See to it that your child is involved in the interiors. They should tell you what they like, and let them pick a colourful wallpaper on the bathroom walls.

Don’t skip on storage solutions. Another key to the child’s bathroom interior decoration is incorporating as much storage as possible. They could enjoy a tidy and clutter-free bathroom. Some ideas include tall wall cabinets, mirror cabinets, shelvings, and under-basin vanity units.

Additional Thoughts:

When planning a bathroom for kids, the essential elements of the space should be included in the design. These essentials are a shower, sink and a bath. Note that a painted free-standing tub will add colour to the bathroom, and you can change it easily when you or the kids get tired of the colour.

Lighting fixtures should please or appeal to the senses and provide the necessary lighting. Depending on their position, they can be a focal point. However, choose fittings that are waterproof for the children’s safety.

Ensure the flooring in a kid’s bathroom (or any bathroom) is non-slip. It is possible to avoid accidents in this manner, which is particularly important in the youngsters’ bathroom. Use bath mats and washable rugs to soak up water splashes and provide a soft surface for the children’s delicate toes.

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