The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Shower Glass Cubicles


August 23, 2022

When redoing your bathroom, deciding whether to keep the bathtub, replace it with a shower curtain, or install shower glass partitions can be difficult. There are so many good choices to make your bath a pleasure, but in the end, you cannot choose.

To help you make a wise decision, let us take up these three options one by one. A bathtub provides a very relaxing experience, but you’ll find them inefficient, and a lot of water gets wasted. How about taking your shower with a shower curtain to give you some privacy? This may do, but you might feel cheap and messy after showers. Shower glass partitions can be an excellent choice, and it is most ideal if you have a tight space.

To help you further, let us explore the advantages and disadvantages of shower glass cubicles. Let’s start with the advantages.

Advantages of shower glass cubicles

1. Glass shower enclosures do not require ample space as in bathtubs, and they can come with shelves that help you maintain an organised bathroom – no clutter or mess.

2. Keep water from flowing to the other parts of the bathroom, leaving no room for bacterial growth and mold.

3. Offers time efficiency. Having bathroom glass partitions offers time efficiency by reducing the time you spend bathing, as no preparations will be necessary.

4. Glass is easy to clean and low maintenance, so once you have the glass cubicle installed, cleaning the bathroom becomes an easy task. You do not have to clean it thoroughly after each bath, maybe once a week.

5. Promotes safety. The glass shower doors are fitted with handles, thus minimising the risk of sliding and slipping, especially in older people.

Disadvantages of glass shower cubicles

Using glass shower cubicles is already a perfect solution for you. However, is it good for everyone?

It also has its share of disadvantages, as follows:

A. The high cost of installation can be a factor that can get you discouraged from using this glass shower structure.

B. If you only have hard water at home, the water, which splashes on the glass, can lead to stains, although those stains can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

C. Regarding the relaxation factor, the bathtub is superior to shower cubicles. The bathtub is luxe and relaxing. You can soak in the warm water and have a spa like experience, which you cannot get from a shower.

D. Leaks can be possible. That is if the installation of the glass shower cubicle was not done properly. This can be prevented by making sure that careful and correct installation procedures are followed.

E. Lack of privacy because the glass cubicle for bathroom can be more open and exposed, especially if you share the bathroom with other household members. If this is a big issue for you and other bathroom users, then opt to use frosted glass for the enclosure so you can maintain privacy.

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