The Benefits of Installing Shower Glass Partition


June 23, 2023

What would you do if suddenly you realised your old bathroom was boring and dull? It’s a sure thing that you would want to give it a fresh new look. Well, what could be better than installing bathroom glass partition to give that space a new and elegant appearance, and there’s no need to remodel the whole place?  

These glass partitions have become the favourite of builders, homeowners, and designers in creating beautiful bathroom interiors. 

However, it would be best if you made proper planning. Designing your bathing space in advance ensures that it comes out appealing and eye-catching. You may choose to install elegant faucets, soap holders, premium shower heads, and other equipment for aesthetics and functionality.

Speaking of aesthetics, the best part of a bathroom renovation is installing a shower glass partition. Believe us when we say that it will give your room a more contemporary look and make it look more organised and sophisticated.

Other Benefits of Installing Shower Glass Partitions

  •   Aesthetic appeal. Using glass dividers; can also serve as a perfect decor. The reflective property of glass elevates the room’s aesthetic brilliance and makes it appear larger than it actually is; the area looks excitingly beautiful. Use glass to enrich your showering experience.
  •   Low Maintenance. Glass does not require much maintenance. You need to put only some of your attention into cleaning, as glass does not allow mould or mildew to build up. All you have to do is spray an appropriate cleaning solution on a soft cloth or towel and wipe it off on the glass divider.
  •   Customisable. Glass can be easily modified to suit your needs for privacy, both in audibility and visibility. Acoustic glass solutions can provide soundproofing for a quiet and peaceful shower time. The frosted glass will keep you from being seen while in the bathroom.
  •   Durable. A common mistake of many people is believing that glass is fragile and can easily break. That is not true with the glass panels used in the bathroom as a shower enclosure. This glass is treated to become tempered glass, which is extraordinarily durable and 4 to 5 times stronger than regular glass.
  •   Sustainable. Glass is made of sand, limestone, and sodium carbonate, so it is 100 percent sustainable and not harmful in a pervasive way. Glass can be recycled for up to 4 to 6x per year, ensuring no carbon footprint is left behind. It is an environmentally friendly material that is safe to incorporate in any construction project.
  •   No water seepage, hence safety. Shower curtains allow water to seep outside because of gaps around the edges. This can cause accidents, such as slip-ups and falls, especially for the elderly. Glass seals the space completely, so no water can escape, preventing accidents.
  •   Add value to your home. If you intend to sell your property, replace your bathroom enclosure with an elegant bathroom divider glass to enhance its value. However, even if you have no plans to move, there is no harm when you want to upgrade your space.

The usefulness and versatility of glass for your bathroom are so prominent that you would likely purchase it, regardless of the bathroom partition glass price. But of course, it would be wise to compare 3 or 4 sources before you decide on buying.

Choose a reputed glass supplier and installer like VMS Plus. We specialise in producing toughened, laminated, and heat-resistant glass, perfect for your shower enclosure. If you are keen to know the bathroom glass partition prices, they depend on the supplier, the type, shape, and size of glass you need, and sometimes upon your location.

For your other inquiries, please get in touch with VMS Plus. Call us today for a consultation or if you want to speak with our team of designers, who can answer your questions. We are truly delighted to work on your project.