Types of Different Kitchen Cabinet Shutters


October 11, 2023

Have you ever wished to cook and prepare meals in a modular kitchen? It would be a dream come true when it happens. 

Modular designs are currently popular and widely discussed among homeowners. They are functional and look great, with everything in its place and neatly organised.

A modular kitchen comprises individual cabinets manufactured in the factory and assembled at home, including the modular kitchen shutters.

Each kitchen cabinet shutter has a structural framework, an inner box made of core material like marine plywood or MDF (medium-density fibreboard) or engineered wood, and an outer shutter. This is what you see on the outside, and your choice of kitchen shutter designs will define how your modular kitchen will look.

There are many different kitchen cabinet shutters, and they are grouped based on the following.

Material – wooden, acrylic, veneer, aluminium, glass, and metal shutters

Finishes – laminates, UV-coated, PU-coated, PVC membrane, lacquered shutters

Mechanism – rolling shutters, hatch/swing, lift-up shutters.

The kitchen shutter sizes will depend on the size of the modular kitchen cabinet in your home.

Kitchen cabinet shutters are available in many different colours, textures and finishes, and listed below are some of the most popular:

 Glass shutters for kitchen. This is a popular option for kitchen cupboards and shutters. A lacquered glass sheet has a layer of lacquer painted on its back, giving it a shiny, smooth and coloured finish. It is then tempered for safety and durability. Upon installation, your kitchen will look polished and vibrant.  

Glass shutters are available in a variety of colours, which allow them to be matched to your kitchen decors. Glass is scratch-and stain-resistant and is easy to wipe, clean and maintain. They make a good investment over a period of time because of their durability and long-lasting life.

* When used and paired with other materials, such as wood or laminates, the kitchen profile shutter glass design can give a striking design contrast. They make the elegance and style of your modular kitchen more noticeable. Available in frosted and transparent finishes, their ability to reflect light enhances visibility inside the cabinets.

*  Rolling shutters for kitchen are a versatile design that you can use in various settings, including wardrobes and other interior spaces. They help hide your kitchen items that are not in use. This makes your counter look neat and clean. They can save space, too.

This type of shutter has become increasingly popular in modern kitchens because of its sleek, space-saving design and ease of use. They are an advanced and original solution for kitchen cabinets and other storage spaces. With a simple push, the shutter can roll up or down and give you complete access to your cabinet’s content. This is also great for small-size kitchens, where every inch of space is important.

* Known for its sleek lift-up kitchen cabinet mechanism, with double doors that open and fold upwards, the hydraulic shutter for kitchen is the preferred choice for modern homes. Materials such as laminates, glass and acrylic give them an elegant and seamless look.

The hydraulic shutters are ideal for handling heavier weights, so they can be very efficient if you have large cabinets and drawers.

*  Laminates for shutters are probably the most popular material for kitchen cabinet shutters. They are moisture resistant and can withstand high temperatures, besides being hard-wearing and easy to maintain.

Modular kitchen profile shutters are essential to your kitchen decor because they define the look of your kitchen drawers and shelves.

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