Upgrade Your Bathroom With Glass Shower Cubicles


February 10, 2023

Old and poorly cared-for bathrooms look dull, so it’s not a pleasure to take a bath or shower. If you wish to have a spa-like experience while showering, there are several things you can do to upgrade your bathroom.

First of all, install a shower glass cubicle. It will transform your bathroom from drab to fab. It can provide your space with an elegant and spacious appearance. That’s because of the glass material that makes the bathroom more spacious than it is.

Glass cubicles for bathrooms enhance the other decorative elements you have in your room. Light can enter every corner of the bathroom, which is very important.

The bathroom is that part of the house where it is necessary to have enough light to perform your daily routines well.

Glass is a durable material. It is tougher than their standard equivalent.

With glass shower doors and enclosures, cleaning up is a breeze. They’re easier to clean. A frameless glass door has no seals, so water and soap have no place to build up. But frameless or not, glass is straightforward to clean. You can squeegee the door, making it easy to follow by cleaning the walls and floors.

Include in your design a sliding shower cubicle door. A sliding door for the shower cubicle moves along the rails. So they open and close on rollers, which is a good thing because the door only occupies the same amount of floor space as the enclosure and will never interfere with the rest of your bathroom.

Suppose you’ve been dreaming of a luxurious, seamless showering experience. In that case, you can create a luxury bath glass shower enclosure with a rain shower style shower with steam function and built-in seating inside the shower cubicle.

VMS Plus can supply you with the right glass if you want to remodel your bathroom. The glass enclosures will increase the value of your bathroom and will make you prouder of your home. By innovatively using glass, windows, or mirrors, the VMS Plus staff can help you create an ideal bathroom by introducing other design possibilities. The bathroom glass partition fittings, glass door fittings, the brand of the shower cubicle, features, types, sizes, etc., dictate our shower glass enclosure prices.

  • Besides installing a shower glass cubicle, the following design tips can also help you modernise your bathroom.
  • Introduce a floating vanity. A floating vanity can be a key design feature, with its sleek look and placement of under cabinet lighting. It is very well suited for a modern-style bathroom.
  • Change your old faucets and knobs into new, stylish ones. Choose faucets that match the shower area to improve the overall look of your bathroom.
  • Replace the room’s old tiles. This will add personality and makes the bathroom look high-end. Instead of reforming the kitchen floor, install new tiles that will look upgraded.
  • Bring in plenty of natural light and create a restful ambience with warm lighting.
  • Bring in potted plants. With natural greenery, you can create a relaxed, spa-like feel. Additionally, plants give off oxygen, enhancing indoor air quality in the bathroom.

Are you looking for a professional team to work with your bathroom upgrade? VMS Plus is here to help. Our team will be happy to work with you for a stress-free experience and deliver you a bathroom of the highest quality.

Please get in touch with VMS Plus today to discuss your project. We guarantee you our friendly, courteous, and efficient service.