Uses of Laminated Glass  


February 27, 2024

Whether building a new house or just renovating, using glass in the interiors and the outside is a good idea. However, it would be best to find a better, thicker, and more durable glass type than ordinary glass. We are talking about laminated glass.

What is laminated glass

You want to know because you are not too familiar with the term. Well, it is a type of safety glass consisting of 2 or more sheets of glass with polymer interlayers placed

between them.

The interlayers support and hold the glass, making it strong and uniform and

preventing it from breaking into big and sharp objects.

There are various uses of laminated glass, so it is positively seen as an excellent alternative to plain, ordinary glass. Here are some of them.

*For laminated glass windows for homes and cars as a safeguard from break-ins.

* For buildings at a high risk of hurricanes and other natural disasters.

* For display cabinets in jewellery stores.

* For aquariums and enclosures for other animals.

* For glass stairs, railings, glass floors, roofs, and skylights.

* For curtain walls, glass partitions for offices, and sloping glazing.

* For areas where higher safety and security are required.

* For buildings where high sound insulation is required.

* For spaces that require privacy and natural light.

* For UV protection on furnishings and artwork, protect them from fading.

* For laminate shutter for kitchens.

Laminate shutter are easy to use, making them extra popular; they are also available in various finishes, patterns and colours, such as emboss, gloss, suede and matt. They are also durable, smooth and resistant to moisture and scratches.

If you’re searching for custom laminated glass, that is easy to find, and you do not have to go too far. Just inquire from VMS Plus, and they will be able to make it available for you. It is made by joining together two or more panes of glass through the use of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). It will not fall on the floor when the glass breaks, as it sticks to the EVA.

Laminated glass offers plenty of benefits, making it a popular choice among modern homeowners, as enumerated below.

– They are super strong and extremely secure,

– They have UV protection against the harmful ultraviolet rays that cause furnishings to fade.

– They break slowly.

– They can resist force and impact.

– They can’t be cut from the outside,

– They will shatter when broken, but they can hold their form. This can minimise incidents of injury,

– They are versatile and durable,

– They can provide sound reduction.

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