Various Types of Partition Walls


August 18, 2022

Partition walls are defined as vertical dividers and non-load-bearing walls that separate the internal spaces of a building into rooms and cubicles. These structures offer several advantages, such as the following:

  • divide one large area into many rooms
  • provide privacy from sight and sound
  • light in weight
  • cheaper in cost of construction
  • occupy less space
  • can be constructed easily in any position.

Partition walls are available in many different types, called after the material in which they are produced.

1. Brick Partition Walls. They are made of plain bricks and come in three types: reinforced bricks, bricks-nogged, and hollow bricks.

2. Clay Brick Partition Walls. Materials used are clay and terracotta.

3. Glass Partition Walls. Constructed from glass sheets or hollow glass blocks. They are cost-efficient, lightweight, and provide privacy and sound insulation.

4. Concrete Partition Walls. Consist of plain or reinforced concrete slab and is supported by vertical members.

5. Timber Partition Walls. It consists of a wooden framework.

The others are the Plaster Slab partition wall, Metal Lath partition wall, A.C. Sheet or GI sheet partition walls, and Wood-wool partition walls.

Does your office makes you feel gloomy and dull, and regardless of the number of lights you put in there, they’ll still look glum? And you want to uplift its look and brighten it up? What you need is a glass door – whether in the form of a cubicle partition, glass office partition, or more. Glass cubicles are not boring and will never make you feel trapped or suffocating.

Instead, cubicle partitions can make the whole area feel more brighter, airy, and more social. Glass structures offer the additional advantage of ease of installation. You need not get permit from the building department of your area.

You can use glass partition walls for home to get the same effect. Custom steel glass partitions may also be called French door, crittal screens, or grid partitions; however, they are always the same essence: they are the most exciting product you’ll ever find on the market. These are custom-made; therefore, they are always made to order.

Aluminum glass partitions are a flexible system you can apply to spaces with open ceilings. It is also highly flexible in terms of design. Why? Because the special construction of an aluminum profile allows it to be combined into patterns of different sorts.

Another alternative is the frameless glass office walls. You will be provided with maximum daylight when your partition has less or no frame. More glass means more brightness and enhanced visibility. Frameless glass walls can be combined with sliding and swing doors, depending on the space configuration and your requirements.

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