Wardrobe Design Ideas For a Master Bedroom   


September 22, 2023

A bedroom, regardless of whether it is a master bedroom, a child’s room, or a guest room, is seen as not just a place to sleep. With the fast-paced lives that we are in, it is undoubtedly crucial that we have a place where we can unwind. Bedrooms should be designed to reflect your personality and allow you to relax and recharge as you are trying to escape the everyday hectic life.

When you are designing the master bedroom in your home, you need various components to blend into your interior design. With sufficient closet space, you can make the most of your home interiors with exquisite master bedroom wardrobe design.

You can have a wardrobe in the master bedroom with a designated dressing room, or choose a minimalist theme and modular sliding door wardrobe.

To get started on your wardrobe design ideas for your master bedroom:
  • Check how much space is available for an appropriate size of closet.
  • If you are left with a wide area after installing the bed, side table and other decors, you can consider a walk-in closet design for a master bedroom. This shall have hanging space for your suits and dresses, shelving for daily wear, and pull-out drawers for accessories. 
There can also be a dressing room inside the closet with small boxes to hold items such as brooches, hair accessories, tie pins, earrings and whatnot.
  • Conversely, if you have a limited closet space for a large wardrobe, some design ideas for a master bedroom include a broad, reach-in closet with hangers and shelving. They may have swinging doors or sliding doors, which are more convenient.
  •   If the space is limited for either of these, a tall closet design with intensive shelving may be a good option.

When it comes to the type of closet that will suit your space, you need to think carefully about the capacity and style of your closet.  

In interior designs of modern homes, a built-in modular closet, with shelving and hanging space, is well-liked. These closets also come with drawers that can store your valuables.

For a more traditional wardrobe design, there is a range of wooden or stainless steel designs or almirahs, which may seem smaller in size. However, they can provide adequate storage spaces, drawer space, a small locker and a closet space for hanging small clothing.

Some minimalist designs with sliding doors in glass and big storage shelves can contain all your belongings. This is ideal for guest rooms that are not always used and do not require extensive closet organization.

If you are working with a smaller floor space, a perfect solution may be an L-shape wardrobe design. This type of wardrobe has been created to make the most of the area available to you. 

It gives you plenty of room for all your clothing, shoes, accessories and other things in your belongings.

When designing ideas for a master bedroom, you may also consider a free-standing, built-in option. Each of these has its merits, but your choice should be based on what kind of design you like and want.

In choosing a closet design, it is essential to consider your need for storage. Think about what storage solution will fit your own outfits and accessories. Ask this yourself and the other questions that follow:

              Is hanging space necessary, or can clothes be folded and stored away?

              Are drawers needed in the closet, or would a cabinet be more suitable for your necessities like socks and delicate items?

              Is a designated space needed for winter wear?

These and other questions will help you determine what type of wardrobe design and storage space you need for the master bedroom.

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