Which type of wardrobe is right for you?


May 15, 2024

Choosing a wardrobe could be a difficult task. Where should you begin? An excellent way to choose a bedroom wardrobe is to find the different kinds of wardrobes first. Selecting the best design for a wardrobe can be simple, with some proper planning and some anticipation. 

So, if you are going to choose a new wardrobe or change your current wardrobe to make it useful, here are some different types of wardrobes that you can choose:

  • Reach-in wardrobes 
  • Walk-in wardrobes 
  • Loft wardrobes 
  • Standalone wardrobes 
  • Modular wardrobes 

Doors Types in Wardrobe 

  • Swing/Hinge doors: These doors swing on the outer side. The door contains a hinge, which facilitates movement of a swing. 
  • Sliding door: It slides horizontally and does not open into the room. These styles of wardrobe work very well in small rooms because they take up little space. 

Walk-in Wardrobes

These wardrobes have devoted shelves and racks for accessories, clothes, and makeup. Without a surprise, it is one of the best styles! Even though some homes come with an automatic shell that can be modified, you can even design this wardrobe in a small room.

On the other hand, you can change different fixtures to keep different lengths of clothing, you can utilize high shelves and floor-mounted shelves to keep your bags and footwear respectively. Also, you can choose an island with drawers to keep your small-size accessories. 

Reach-in Wardrobes

If you do not have sufficient space, you should consider a reach-in wardrobe, as it requires less effort. These days, most apartments have an allocated space to install these types of wardrobes. 

You can even change the cavity of an existing wall or a corner of your wardrobe with hinged or sliding doors based on the available space around it. These types of wardrobes can accommodate different customisable fixtures and hanging lofts for packing luggage or often-used items.

Standalone Wardrobes

As suggested by the name, these wardrobes are independently fitted interiors of a room. Generally, they are only two feet deep and emphasise using the vertical area. Different wardrobes are available, and some choices even contain expandable wardrobe designs.

Utilize a system of a double-tiered hanging rod to hang your dresses. Remove folded clothing that occupies unnecessary space. Even, you can have a devoted closet for your daily wear, because sarees, lehengas, suits and sherwanis needs special care.

Loft Wardrobes

It is a wonderful way to creatively optimise space. It contains drawers and shelves for all your creased clothes. You can also utilise racks and rods to hold shirts, dresses, normal clothing, and more. 

Do You Know About A Modular Wardrobe?

If we talk about modular wardrobes, then they help you change your storage according to the available space. They take the space requirements and dimensions of your interiors into account while finalising the design. By utilizing modular units as enough storage, you can, without a hitch, save space and make a completely seamless design. 

How to select the design for a wardrobe? 

Initially, you should check the motive behind your selection. It permits you to cut down the options you desire it to have. If you are talking about an open-system wardrobe, it is simple to use and provides full content visibility. Similarly, a hinged-style wardrobe opens into the area and can occupy enough space in small rooms. 

According to your requirements, you can find a wardrobe that matches your interiors. Ensure that you choose a design that is long-lasting and functional to get the most out of it. 

How to beautify your wardrobe

  • You can beautify your wardrobe by using LED bulbs
  • You can use a mirror of full-length on the inside or outside of the wardrobe door 
  • Pack your seasonal dresses and pull them out whenever necessary