Wired Mesh Glass:  All You Need to Know


January 18, 2024

We all know that glass is a popular material used in construction; but have you heard about wired glass?  

What is wired glass?

It is also called wired safety glasswire mesh glass, and Georgian wired glass. It is a special type of glass where a wire mesh is inserted into the glass during production. Its impact resistance is the same as that of ordinary glass. But when it breaks, the pieces of glass are kept in position by the wire mesh and do not scatter.

What are the benefits of wired glass?

Wired glass offers several benefits, including the following.

* It has high thermal and electric shock resistance.

* The wire mesh inserted into the glass can prevent the intrusion of flame and fire powder into the building for a specific time. This gives people trapped inside the building time to escape and avoid getting burned or harmed by the fire in any way.

* While criminals can easily break an ordinary glass on purpose, it is not the case with wired glass. 

Georgian wired glass can also break, but when it does, the wire mesh keeps functioning, preventing the thieves from entering an establishment, and therefore, they cannot do their illegal act.

* There is a sense of security because when wired glass gets broken by earthquake, storm, or forceful impact, the fragments are prevented from flying in all directions.

* It is less expensive compared to other types of safety glasses.

* Wired glass can also be used in patterned glass or tinted glass.

While there are benefits, there are also disadvantages of wired glass, as follow.

* There is a misconception that inserting a wire mesh into the glass strengthens it. The truth is that the mesh weakens the glass. The glass, therefore, is more susceptible to breaking.

* When the glass breaks, it exposes the sharp wires. This may cause severe injuries to people who encounter it or those who are in the vicinity. This is why it is not recommended to install wired glass in places where people, young or old, always visit.

* If you wish for a clear view, the wired glass will not deliver. The wires tend to distort or obstruct the view.

* The wire mesh in the glass tends to rust eventually, so you cannot depend on the glass not to break in areas that have more rain and humidity. Their durability becomes low.

Where is wired glass used?

This Georgian-wired glass is used in partitions and windows of public and private offices, schools, hotels, and other establishments. Usually, wired glass applications include windows and doors along the route to the fire escape to give people more time to evacuate when there is a fire emergency. Fire-protective glass is also used in these buildings to protect against smoke and flames.

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